“Praise Your Name Lord Jesus”

"Forever", My Lord Jesus I will Praise Thee!

Praise you Lord Jesus, for giving me another day to lift your name.
Resting in your presence, I am so happy that, in my life you rein.
Always and forever more, I will trust you to lead and guide.
Impossible, no such word with you walking by my side.
So today, and forever more, my hearts door, for you is opened wide.
Everlasting and throughout Eternity my Praises to you, I will not hide!

You are the King of Kings, and I am your child.
Oh tis sweet, this love we share, and it brings to me a smile.
Until the day, I literally stand by your side.
Remembrance of you I will hold dear, for me you were Crucified!

Nothing matters more to me, than you my precious Savior.
And I am so very grateful, that on me you have shown your favor.
My love for you shall never die, and my trust will grow each day.
Eternally, and forevermore, for you are the light, the truth, the way!

Lord, Jesus, God, Savior, Holy Spirit of my soul.
Once a broken vessel and yet, you completely made me whole!
Resting in your promises, and knowing they are true.
Doing what I can, to share your love, so others will be drawn to you!

Jesus, it is with a heart filled with gladness, that I serve thee.
Entering into your gates with Thanksgiving, for all you’ve done for me.
So sweet the fragrance, your presence oh, so near.
Upon your nearness, there is only peace and nothing to fear.
Soon and very soon, the trumpet will sound and you will appear!

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